infraATLAS Berlin

GIS Service Solution to Visualise Integrated Projects

The “infraATLAS” concept presented by Creative Climate Cities (CCC) and the partners Virtual City Systems (VCS) and InterActive Scape (IAS) offers a compact catalogue service solution based on the integration of GIS data sets contributed by all InfraLAB partners. The concept includes a multi-touch interface application and will be comprised of a 3-D city model for intuitive every-day communication and partner engagement at the InfraLab office space. It can be used for capacity building workshops, project brainstorming or to display ongoing activities with the support of interactive maps to visitors.

Project Partner: virtualcitySYSTEMS (VCS), interactive scape (IAS)
Pitched by CCC, VCS & IAS on 27th April, 2017

INFRALAB Pecha Kucha
Pecha Kucha "Future City"