Fieldstations e.V. Summer School 2017 at Teufelsberg Berlin

The summer school was organised in collaboration with Field Station e.V.. It was the first of a series of informal, multi-agent, collaborative experiments focusing on field station exploration, characterised by a live-in basecamp. It combines theoretical input, sensing and hands-on physical prototyping and modeling – all driven by the main questions: How do I sense? How do I adapt? How do I create?

The summer school aimed at creating a “Feld-Transition-Station” which related locally sensed conditions to global challenges to sense, adapt and create a better world. By gathering non-humanly perceivable spatial information or non-humanly negotiable spatial conditions of the Teufelsberg, functional concepts and thought models were created and applied as one to one case study realisations on the Teufelsberg.

Participants created compact field stations by exploring the histories and ecologies within the various conditions offered by the premises. Each location suggested unique research topics and impacted on the future research arena of Fieldstations e.V.. Methodologies of sensing, adapting and creating were introduced by individual fieldstations members and varied during phases of the workshop.

Field agents (members of fieldstations e.V. involved in the preparation of the summer camp): Christophe Barlieb, Nadine Kuhla von Bergmann, Sebastian Müllauer, Hauke Helmer, Matthias Böttger, Lidia Gasperoni, Jose Alcocer, Isabell Schrickel, Holger Prang, Matthias Ballestrem, Katharina Beckmann.

Fieldstations – Sense Adapt Create