Experiential District Tour: Berlin, Copenhagen, Malmö

The Experiential District Tour is a format specifically designed for experiential learning through a combination of visits to inspirational sites, presentations from European urban development experts, local stakeholder meetings and citizens exchange

CCC offers curated tours in the field of sustainable urban design, energy transition, urban water systems, nature-based solutions, co-housing, smart energy districts and innovative infrastructure solutions and more.

The CCC tour for the La Pinada project team focused on sustainable housing development examples with a good reputation in co-housing, unconventional shared spaces or innovative infrastructure services, in the cities of Berlin, Malmö and Copenhagen.

The programme connected entrepreneurs active in sustainable architecture, circular economy and nature-based solutions, while exploring examples of Smart Urbanism.

“During this trip we have seen various technical solutions such as high-rise with timber frame construction, roof gardens, district heating, garbage disposal systems, storm water solutions and water treatment integrated in landscape. This trip has been very inspiring for the further development of the urban design of El Barrio La Pinada.”

Quote from La Pinada Blog, October 2018