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Creative Climate Cities

“Climate change, waves of migration and digitalisation make urbanisation processes more complex. Our urban future depends on collaborative, trans-disciplinary and unconventional transition pathways. For this, we need creative processes, digital engagement tools and new partnerships.”

Dr. Nadine Kuhla von Bergmann,
Founder of Creative Climate Cities



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Creative Climate Cities (CCC) is an Agency for Digital Urban Development. We work at the intersection of urban development, digitalization, design, research and visual communication to design, advise and implement urban transformation processes. We support a sustainable, climate-friendly and resource-efficient urban future.


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CCC uses design sprints, visual communication, interface design, serious games, and facilitative practices as key building blocks on the path to achieving the global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and climate change concerns.




The final session of the smart city knowledge transfer conference took place as hybrid format in our office. Great feedback from the community who confirmed that the matchmaking was successful.

Runde 2 bei „#AufeinenKaffeemit dem #CDO" mit Nadine Kuhla von Bergmann (@climatecities), Christoph Fahle (@betahaus), Christopher von Gumppenberg (#KUGU Home), Max Rudolph (@FormFollowsU) und Sebastian Glende (@YOUSE_GmbH). Vielen Dank für einen spannenden Austausch!

In unserem Web-Talk zum Thema "Die Stadt neu entdeckt" sprechen wir über die Bedeutung von neuer Urbanität und Nutzungsmischungen. Gemeinsam diskutieren wir über Potenziale sowie die Themen Dichte und Mobilität.
Wir freuen uns auf Ihre Teilnahme: https://bit.ly/3L2H5Am



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We are Urban Change Agents from the fields of architecture, design, communication, research, digital media and we believe in open innovation processes.
CCC Former Collaborators
Special Thanks to

Gian Marco Morigi

| Creative Director and his commitment.

Michelle Louise Kotzur

| Business Communication.

Anneke von Holst

| Participation and Communication Strategy Expert.

Roberta Zucchetti

| Urban Designer and Architect.

Mitchelle Rosales

| Visual Tools and Knowledge Transfer.

Richard Ollig

| Heritage architect & artist.

Ilkin Evin Akpinar

| Citizen participation expert.

Lisa Bösch

| Communication Strategist.

Dr. Angela Jain

| Participation and Mobility Expert.

Sarah Rietentiet

| Architect and Urban Planer.

Martina Trapani

| Urban Innovation Researcher.

Johannes Mayer

| Web developer.

Kieran Taylor

| Data Science and Digital Strategies.

Jöran Mandik

| Transformation Design & Stakeholder Management.

Nahla Laroussi

| Applied Urban Data Analytics.

Silja Kessler

| Knowledge Transfer & Management.


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Our international team is based in Berlin and part of a global network of collaborators. We speak German, English, Italian, Turkish, Spanish, Japanese, Arabic and Farsi. We practice equality and are proud of the multi-cultural mindsets impacting on our projects.


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