Smartes M-Quartier

Smart District Development in Munich

The project „Smartes M-Quartier“ stands for an innovative portfolio of energetically and technically pioneered measures, developed for the headquarter of the utilities company in Munich (Stadtwerke Munich) and its neighbouring housing area, Moosach, home to 9.000 employees and inhabitants in the heart of Munich.

CCC supported the planners and experts in working towards more efficient methods of planning and integrating smart infrastructure solutions. These include smart mobility, regenerative energy production, social infrastructure and intelligent building design.

CCC recommended new external partner networks, gave impulses for potential future business fields, suggested innovative planning tools and supported in the design of communication material.

CCC visualised solutions for the Smartes M-Quartier as prototypical cross-sectoral clusters to express the scalability value and the need to support interdisciplinarily project environments.

Image credits: BLUE SILVER