Smart-City-Forum of the City of Wolfsburg

Moderation of the Smart-City-Forum and Talk on KPI Frameworks

Photo Credits: Creative Climate Cities, 2020

To support German cities in shaping their frontrunner projects for digitalisation within integrated sustainable urban development, the German government recently increased funding for the "Smart Cities Model Projects" program to EUR 820 million.

The city of Wolfsburg successfully secured funding in the first round of the initiative by the BMI in 2019 (Federal Ministry of the Interior, Building and Urban Affairs). It is now developing and implementing solutions from business, digital services, urban development and governance in integrated approaches and in close cooperation with the responsible departments.

Creative Climate Cities was commissioned with the design of the accompanying Smart-City-Forum, fostering trust between implementers, decision-makers and the public. The forum will also facilitate cross-sectoral knowledge transfer on the topic of digital urban development and promote communication among the responsible actors and political parties.

Photo Credits: Creative Climate Cities, 2020

CEO of Creative Climate Cities, Dr. Nadine Kuhla von Bergmann, recommended external experts as forum members, using the opportunity to promote gender equality. She gave insights into exemplary monitoring processes and the use of key performance indicators to offer a data based decision making tool for citizens, politicians and administration and to facilitate a target-oriented coordination of resources.

The forum was implemented in close cooperation with the Department of Digitalization and Economy and the Department of Strategic Planning, Urban Development and Statistics of the City of Wolfsburg.