FUTURA | Heartbeat of Transformation

A virtual city experience showcasing megatrends in the context of public safety

Quelle: Creative Climate Cities, Sarah Rietentiet, 2020

How do we make the city of the future safe and liveable? Everything in FUTURA/matchbox revolves around this question. The project is an experimental field for questions about the future - virtual, but at the same time tangible. Discussions and collaborations that begin in FUTURA/matchbox are intended to provide impulses for future safety in cities worldwide and thus accompany urban change.

Quelle: Creative Climate Cities, Sarah Rietentiet, 2020

FUTURA is online, a kind of city on the net. matchbox is a part and image of this city, real and analogue. FUTURA offers the possibility to engage with the city through experimental games in a virtual environment, but also to get simple information about public safety and current trends in urban development.

Creative Climate Cities has designed and visualised various use cases for FUTURA/matchbox and shown the range of potential application areas of the digital and virtual environment of FUTURA/matchbox in the field of urban development.

The FUTURA/matchbox initiator hhpberlin is (Next Generation Fire Engineering)

FUTURA/matchbox could be experienced live in Berlin in June 2021 and can be accessed (online here)