Smart City Bamberg

KPI framework as steering tool for measures and solutions

Quelle: Stadt Bamberg, 2021

In 2020, the city of Bamberg was awarded as model project by the Federal Ministry of the Interior, for Construction and Home Affairs for a project period of seven years as part of the "Smart Cities Model Projects" funding programme to apply digitalisation at all levels of urban development.

Smart City Bamberg develops strategies and measures for the specific areas of digital world cultural heritage, new mobility systems, digital forms of citizen participation and citizen services as well as neighbourhood projects and digital health services. The implementation of the "Research Lab" of the University of Bamberg forms part of the model project activities.

Creative Climate Cities (CCC) supported the Smart City team of the City of Bamberg in developing a framework to illustrate the impact of the measures and processes. CCC conducted an iterative and dialogue-based consultation process that translated the developed Smart City guidelines into measurable indicators (Key Performance Indicators) and defined the impact of the measures qualitatively and quantitatively.

The result was a methodological toolbox and KPI framework that can be used by the municipality to manage the strategy phase and the implementation phase.

Follow the Smart City Bamberg progress on their website.

Quelle: Stadt Bamberg, 2021