Klimamacher Berlin

Online Platform Concept for Neighborhood Based Sustainability Education

The InfraLab Berlin (network of public utilities) are offering individual educational programs for school education. The project Klimamacher aims to bundle all educational products and services offered by the utilities companies into one integrated education platform for teachers to use in the schools of Berlin to grow the „Klimamacher“ ("climate maker“) program.

CCC initiated the project, supported during the management of the first phase and in the concept design for the web-based platform.

During a pilot phase with the Theodor-Heuß-School in Moabit, course materials were developed and a district tour curated which enabled climate-related learning activities in the neighbourhood of the school.

Based on the new teaching curriculum for Berlin focusing on “sustainability education“, basic knowledge about climate change, mitigation & adaptation measures, energy systems (renewable energies, future technologies, energy efficiency), mobility, waste and water systems was collected under one website. The Klimamacher website can easily be accessed by teachers as well as interested public.