The Power of Diversity and Social Inclusion for Climate Neutral Cities

Creative Climate Cities, 2021

The Covid-19 pandemic has shown that air pollution and social inequalities in cities are intertwined challenges that require immediate action. In this context, the DivAirCity project addresses these issues and engages with city makers to trigger short and long term actions.

DivAirCity is funded by the European Commission under the H2020 programme and is highlighting human diversity as an empowering resource to define new urban models and approaches towards culturally driven green cities. The project combines people, places, business models and climate resilience strategies to impact on air quality and decarbonisation.

Creative Climate Cities, Tion Kudlek, 2022

Creative Climate Cities (CCC) is working with 26 EU organisations and partners with 5 European cities to establish living labs and knowledge communities inluding: Aarhus (Danmark), Bucharest (Romania), Castellon (Spain), Orvieto (Italy) and Potsdam (Germany). CCC will co-design processes and ensure the involvement of underrepresented groups of people as agents of change to implement and disseminate nature-based solutions.

More information on the DivAirCity Website

Creative Climate Cities, 2021

Creative Climate Cities, 2021