Digital Twins. A Tool for Everyone?

Application-oriented guide for the development of an urban data platform and suitable use cases following the SDDI approach.

Bayern Innovativ, 2021

Within the framework of the SDDI model project, both the data-related, content-related and organizational foundations for the development of an interoperable, geo-based data infrastructure and the creation process for suitable use cases are being developed.

Following the maxim that the transformation of urban spaces can be supported by the systematic use of existing data, answering the questions: what an urban data platform can be used for and how such a platform can be realized in an application-oriented manner, both technically and organizationally, provides a low-threshold approach for the use of a geo-based digital twin in municipalities.

Creative Climate Cities (CCC) supports the methodological and graphical development of existing SDDI building blocks as well as the conceptual elaboration of complementary building blocks within the SDDI approach.

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