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Development of a Smart City Strategy at the County Level

Arina Kapitanova, Creative Climate Cities, 2022

With the "Smart Cities Model Projects", the German Federal Ministry for Housing, Urban Development and Building (BMWSB) promotes the conception and testing of integrated smart city approaches and supports the empowerment of municipal stakeholders in the sense of sustainable, integrated and public welfare-oriented urban development. Digitization is to be used as tools for the strategic and practical design of our urban and rural living environments and to promote participation, transparency, and resilience.

After Creative Climate Cities has already supported the rural district of Hof at the beginning of the strategy phase regarding the organization and preparation of the strategy phase, the focus of the cooperation is now on the actual development of a smart city strategy.

The project office "hoferLand.digital" leads the model project for the rural district of Hof and bundles the activities, network partners and digitalization approaches as an agile, open and self-learning system and network node.

Creative Climate Cities developed the main components of the strategy through co-creative formats such as internal administrative workshops or dialog forums with an expert public from science, politics and business. In this way, a collective vision is first developed, which as a target image provides guidance during the strategy and implementation phase. In the next step, instruments were created that can be used in the selection and implementation-oriented qualification of potential project ideas. This qualification process was then finally integrated into the working structures and decision-making levels of the district administration. The strategy paper ultimately supports the actors in the project office as well as the administration as a living tool during the implementation phase.

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Creative Climate Cities, 2022

Creative Climate Cities, 2022