Inter-municipal cooperation on Urban Digital Twins

User at digital table experimenting with urban development tools

Networking and innovative model solutions for data-driven municipalities

Tool by, Photo by Marvin Diegeler, fotographed at City Science Lab Hamburg, 2023

As part of the "Model Projects Smart Cities" (MPSC) initiative by the German Federal Ministry of Housing, Urban Development, and Construction (BMWSB), 73 municipalities are being supported in the development and implementation of digital solutions to drive a sustainable urban development and resilient future.

One key element of the project is knowledge transfer among the participating municipalities. The proactive initialisation of working and development communities (AEGs) strengthens the community of innovative practitioners from the municipalities. By building dynamic people’s networks and expert groups, the scaling of the smart city community is being realised and effectively nurtured.

Creative Climate Cities is responsible for the community of practice around "Urban Digital Twins". More than 50 municipalities are currently active in this group and exchange their every-day knowledge to drive the tool development. The working groups are focusing on urban development use-cases such as citizen participation in urban planning, climate adaptation and world heritage site management.