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Creative Climate Cities

“Climate change, waves of migration and digitalisation make urbanisation processes more complex. Our urban future depends on collaborative, trans-disciplinary and unconventional transition pathways. For this, we need creative processes, digital engagement tools and new partnerships.”

Dr. Nadine Kuhla von Bergmann,
Founder of Creative Climate Cities



we offer

We initiate urban innovation projects to localise SDG goals and to co-create lively neighbourhoods, smart districts and resilient cities. We let you explore unconventional ways of city making.


we work

We passionately curate co-creation workshops and exhibitions, deliver feasibility studies, applied research studies and trend reports, organise strategic retreats, experiential district tours and match experts, design project websites and give inspirational talks.




Cycling through Berlin inner city can be fun. Especially when you feel like you are treated as important as other means of transport. #cyclinglife #berlin #transition #transport #democratizing #streets #climatefriendly #friedrichstraße

What does CCC like about the Nordics? #Female #Leaders #SDGs #Sustainable #Funding #Climate #Finances #KPIs #Cooperations #Ownership

CEO of Creative Climate Cities, Nadine Kuhla von Bergmann, talked about vehicles to reach urban sustainabilty through system design and planning tool design as keynote speaker at the international SDG conference organised by The North West, Norway. #SDG11 #SmartUrbanism



we are

We are Urban Change Agents from the fields of architecture, design, communication, research, digital media and we believe in open innovation processes.
CCC collaborators

Dr. Angela Jain

Participation and Mobility Expert

Tom Schwesig

Urban planner

Matthias Lieb

Architect and graphic designer

Lisa Bösch

Communication Strategist


Roberta Zucchetti

Urban designer and architect

Ilkin Evin Akpinar

Citizen participation expert

Martina Trapani

Urban innovation researcher

Arman Jalali

Urban planner and mobility expert



we are

Our international team is based in Berlin and part of a global network of collaborators. We speak German, English, Italian, Turkish, Spanish, Japanese, Arabic and Farsi. We practice equality and are proud of the multi-cultural mindsets impacting on our projects.


we work with

Dr. Nadine Kuhla von Bergmann

Architect, Process Designer and Professor for Smart Urbanism

Nadine is the founder and managing director of “Creative Climate Cities” and ap­pointed as visiting professor for “Smart Urbanism and Digital Strategies” at the University of Applied Science Stuttgart (HfT).

After graduating as architect from the School of Art Berlin-Weißensee in 2002, she practiced urban design for a decade before she became an academic researcher at the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK). Nadine lectured many years at the Department for Sustainable Urban Design “CHORA Conscious City” (TU Berlin) and headed the European research project “Smart Sustainable District – Green Moabit” focussing on bottom-up smart city solutions and integrating infrastructure designs. She was a guest researcher at the African Climate and Development Initiative in Cape Town (ACDI) in 2016 and published her PhD dissertation about the transformative power of civil entrepreneurs in urban transition processes under the title of “Urban Change Agents” in 2018.

Gian Marco Morigi

Art director and business strategist

At CCC, Gian Marco currently develops visualisations and strategies for the implementation of integrated infrastructure solutions, and he manages Experiential District Tours.He is a trained architect who is passionate about improving and enhancing the public realm in contemporary cities, with a multidisciplinary approach to process design. His experience as designer, editor and researcher focusses on sustainable approaches to contemporary urban planning.

Gian Marco holds a Master of Science in Architecture and Urban Design from Politecnico di Milano.

Places Gian Marco loves: Table Mountain, Cape Town _ Länderdreieck, Berlin _ Cedric Price’s Fun Palace